Listen to 'Songs of the Geuzen'

During the Eighty Years' War, the Dutch who opposed the Spanish rulers in the Netherlands were called 'geuzen'. In their songs they expressed their discontent with the Spanish catholic rulers. The most famous of these songs is the 'Wilhelmus', the Dutch national anthem. Of course, there were many more of these mocking songs. On Sunday 10 July, a few of these 'Songs of the Geuzen' will be performed in the Prison Gate Museum, in the very place were heretics were incarcerated.

The songs will be performed in Dutch, but there are English handouts available.

Practical information:

  • Start: 13.30, 14.00 and 14.30 hours (1.30 PM, 2.00 PM and 2.30 PM)
  • Subscribing is not necessary.
  • Costs:
    • Without a guided tour: free
    • With a guided tour through the cell complex: €7,50 (regular entrance price)
  • This activity is suitable for families.

The 'Songs of the Geuzen' will be performed by musician Ernst Stolz and artist Aone Postma.