Guilty or Innocent? The trials of father and son Van Oldenbarnevelt.

16 February to 26 May
Prison Gate Museum

In 2019, it is exactly four hundred years since Land’s Advocate Johan van Oldenbarnevelt (1547-1619) was beheaded at the Binnenhof, the houses of parliament. He still counts among the greatest statesmen in Dutch history, the builder and founder of the Dutch state. Had he committed high treason, or was there a political murder?

A few years later, his sons planned an assassination attempt on Prince Maurits, the man behind the trail of their father. This revenge plan was thwarted and son Reinier was beheaded after a short stay in the Gevangenpoort. With this presentation The Gevangenpoort gives a glimpse into the judicial process of the early 17th century. One of the highlights is the recently identified executioner's sword with which Johan van Oldenbarnevelt was beheaded.