Secondary schools

Bring your pupils to the Prison Gate Museum and step into the history of crime and punishment. Take the tour of the Prison Gate Museum (max. 25 pupils) or come along on one of our city walks (max. 20 pupils) to visit the sites where history was made.
You can make reservations through; please book at least two weeks in advance.

To prepare for your visit to the Prison Gate Museum, you can use some of the information on our website about the history of the Prison Gate, crime and punishment. This information can also be used for a school paper.

Guided tour “Doomed to enter the Prison Gate”

An exciting guided tour through the cell complex at the Prison Gate Museum.

  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Price: €5,25 per pupil
  • Accompanying adults attend free of charge. Maximum of 2 accompanying adults per 25 pupils.

Combined lessons

Spending an entire day in The Hague and looking for exciting and educational activities? Combine your visit to the Prison Gate Museum with the Historical Museum of The Hague or the Humanity House and take advantage of these special offers.

Option 1: A day in The Hague
A combined visit to the Historical Museum of The Hague and the Prison Gate Museum offers your pupils a good overview of the city’s history.

We offer a total programme that lasts three hours. You can compile your preferred components yourself. The components:
1. Museum lesson in the Historical Museum of The Hague - an introduction to the city of The Hague
2. City walk through the historic centre of The Hague - various options available
3. Visit to the Prison Gate Museum - the exciting story of crime and punishment

A combined programme lasts 2 to 3 hours, depending on your preferences. We offer the Day in The Hague for a reduced price of €10 per pupil.

Option 2: Humanity House and Prison Gate Museum
You and your class are to visit two exceptional museums in The Hague where stories and experiences take centre stage. Human rights is the theme of your visit to the Humanity House. Placed in the role of a refugee, you wander through a realistically constructed maze of hallways, hoping you have the right papers. The visit to the Prison Gate Museum shows vividly that our right to a fair trial has not always been so strongly guaranteed.

Pupils have an engaging encounter with themes likes democracy, peace, safety and national and international law.

  • This lesson is suitable for secondary schools.
  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Cost of a combi ticket: €8.50
  • The programme can be booked via:
  • Humanity House, Prinsengracht 8, 2512 GA The Hague, +31 70 3100050

Option 3: Combine the Prison Gate Museum and ProDemos
ProDemos offers a complete day programme. A guide will take your pupils on a journey through The Hague in the days of the Republic. Depending on the pupils' level, the programme includes the Blingo Quiz, which is a role-play exercise on the theme of the Great Assembly of 1651, or the more theoretical Krachtenveld ('Political Arena'). In the political sphere of The Hague, pupils explore the 'Republic Code' and search for the role of the Binnenhof in the 17th century. We visit the House of Representatives to compare today's government structure with that of the past, and, obviously, to see politicians at work. The day begins with a short film about how our country was governed in the 17th century, and ends with the presentation of the Day Prize to the pupil who knows the most about the Republic.

  • Costs:
    • A lesson in the Prison Gate Museum costs €5.25 per pupil.
    • The ProDemos programme is free of charge. For a charge of €3.00 per pupil, ProDemos will also take you to the Ridderzaal (Knights' Hall) to see where the Dutch authorities renounced their loyalty to Philip II, and where the monarch gives the King's Speech every year. For more information: